Best Choice for Parents

  • Each parent receives respect and guidance in purchasing uniforms for their child
  • Lay-A-Way is available at all locations with a small deposit
  • Cramer's Uniforms is open 7 days a week in August & September
  • Secure and advanced online ordering system available
  • Each Cramer's Uniforms location carries a full stock of inventory year round; thus in most cases customers leave with their uniform THAT DAY

Best Choice for School Administrators

  • Cramer's Uniforms customizes your uniform program to satisfy your school needs
  • Cramer's Uniforms stores are open all year round so uniforms are always available to students
  • All Cramer's stores are fully stocked with your schools customized school shirts, blazers and sweaters
  • Cramer's Uniforms also has full inventory of school shoes and gymwear making it a one stop shop for customers
  • Cramer's employees are diverse and helpful; over 50% of Cramer's staff is fluent in Spanish and treat all customers with the upmost respect
  • Cramer's has convenient retail locations open nights and weekends; including 7 days a week in August and September
  • Cramer's actually STOCKS your inventory; Cramer's maintains inventory for all of their schools garments year round.
  • Price, price, PRICE! NOBODY sells custom quality uniforms for less than Cramers. Other vendors can be 25% higher and parents KNOW THIS!
  • Cramer's Internship Program; Cramer's provides jobs and oppurtunities to esteemed scholars from each of their school uniform partners.